2006 Tundra drop in bed liner

Bed liners at several nationally recognized stores do not fit.

They all are too tall by 4-5 inches and trimming would cause a poor fit.

What is wrong here?

Have you considered a “sprayed in” type bed liner? I think they are superior to a “drop in” type because water can collect under these type liners and can cause rust problems. Others may disagree but I think they also look better and provide a better grip for anything that’s hauled in the bed. The “fit” can’t be beat by a drop in liner.

I think a sprayed in bedliner or a rubber bed mat is a better idea. I had a drop in bedliner on my 95 Dodge Dakota and over the years it rubbed through the paint and some rust was starting to occur.

Ed B.

Dear missleman and Ed B.,

Thanks for responding. I have a friend that will probably buy this vehicle if we sell in the future.
He is oem fully so for now I am tyring to figure out if this bed will take a tacoma liner , we have plans to go back to a distributor and try this.


You gotta take the cargo out before the bedliner is installed.

Honestly, here in Kansas, do you all realize how many bed liners I see in ditches? If I bought a truck with one, it’s coming out now!

I don’t know where you live but drive through Kansas if you have your heart set on a liner, with all the Tundras here, you may find one in a ditch. Ya’ll probably think I’m joking, but I’m telling you, I see lots of bed liners in ditches.

Honestly, spray ons are the way to go, they’re very resilient!

Then again, selling this truck takes care of everything right?

Dear pleasedodgevan2,Jpkansas,

Thanks for the info.