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Spray in bed liner for an old truck

I have a 14 year old truck. I’d like to get a bed liner. I don’t want to spend $400 for a lifetime warranty job for a truck that may not last long.
How about the “do it yourself” spray in bed liners? Can any offer any advice?
Where do I rent the equipment, buy the materials and so on? Is it worth the effort? Should I forget this idea and call around for a cheap bed liner?

Please offer any insight.

I’m not a truck person but the Rust Oleum DIY roll on bed liner is advertised all the time for about $50. Just roll or brush it on. No equipment needed for an old truck.

What was the final outcome on your truck painting question?

Big box hardware stores sell DIY brush/rollon bed liners.

Wear old clothes that you don’t care about wrecking, wear gloves, and remember to take the gloves off when you have to do… Something else lest you become an internet sensation for 16-and-counting years.

Update on my previous paint question.
Shocker! The owner admitted that he had not disclosed the extra cost for painting a truck bed and he agreed to the truck bed painting without any extra cost. I picked the truck up yesterday and I am satisfied. As I read some of the comments here, they convinced me that I should pursue a bed liner.

Thanks for the update. Depending on your use a bed liner is probably not a bad idea. You might even look into a bed mat, typically $80 or so.

Thanks for the update. And sincere kudos to the shop owner for his honesty and fairness.

My personal preference is a spray on liner, which can be bought at any parts store in a spray can.

Seven years ago when I worked at a truck dealer I saw many new trucks sent out for a spray-in bed liner before returning for a goose neck hitch to be install by myself. These spray in bed liners were perfect as they should be for the cost. The bed liner shop had to scuff the entire inside of the cargo box for proper adhesion. It seemed barbaric to take disc sanders to a spotless new truck but this is the procedure.

I wonder how much labor time and materials were spent on the cargo box of your truck only to be covered by a bed liner.