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Used Rhino Lining

I have a 2003 Fork Ranger Edge that I bought used. It had a spray on bed liner at some point but it has been chipped and eroded off since it was applied. When I went to TruckToys to see about getting Rhino Lining put in, the guy told me that I could spend $900 to have them scrape the old liner off then apply the new liner, or spend $250 and he would just spray over the liner that is already on the bed. The down fall to this cheaper method is that I wont get the Rhino lifetime warranty, and I am worried that the old liner will cause the new liner to fall off. Has anyone else had the Used Rhino Liner? And is it worth it?

You could scrape off the old liner. Ask TruckToys how they want it prepped before they put the Rhino liner on. Maybe all you have to do is prime it. If you don’t mind going to bare metal, use aircraft stripper paste. Mask off the area you want to remain as-is then apply the paint stripper. After it takes effect, you scrape off all the crud down to bare metal, pep for primer, and then prime it. After that, you should be ready for the Rhino liner.

I think if you had a good angle grinder and one of these and an afternoon, you could save yourself $900. That price, by the way, is ridiculous. It’s tough stuff, but it’s not THAT tough. You will kick up a lot of black dust. Be sure to wear goggles and a respirator for safety’s sake.

Go to Pepboys or Advanced they have a $99 bed liner kit that you apply yourself. 1 gal, rollers, and paint tray. Should be enough to put two coats on your truck bed and it lasts a long time.

I did my Sonoma in 2000, and did not follow the instructions, and 90+% of it is still on. Good, not excellent, product.

Why don’t you take off the old junk and put in a nice drop-in bed liner?

Get yourself an Oscillating Multi Tool with a scraper and take it off your self. It will not make the hazardous mess of sanding or grinding.

If you DO decide to remove the old liner, I’d atrongly recommend you stop by the tool store and pick up a gritblaster. Mechanically removing coatings from truckbeds will put you in a “home” prematurely. Be sure to pick up a facemask when you’re at the store.

Honestly, I’d just get the $99 coating that gabeach suggested. Or even some rattle cans of rubberized undercoating. It’s a pickup. There’s no way I’d pay hundreds of dollars to make the bed look great.