Need to buy a car to fit our son who is 6'10'

Our son is 17 - 6’10" and still growing - long basketball legs. College is pending so we cannot afford $$$, so thinking used car. We need some ideas! What cars fit tall people.

Mercedes are the easiest cars to modify for really tall people. I worked at a high-end Dealer in Milwaukee and many of the Bucks players bought Mercedes from us and we had to move the seats back on many of them, the cars had this potential in mind when they were designed.

Now you could go the Honda route and drive from the back seat.

Subaru Forester.


Maybe Your Son Needs To Go On A Stake-Out .

I remember a Car Talk Listener, Daniel Pinkwater I believe, who was too short for his weight and wanted to know what cars were best for obese folks.

Daniel staked out a local donut shop and observed fat people getting in and out of cars. He paid attention to which cars were easiest to ingress and egress. I believe a Beetle won that contest.

Why couldn’t your son stake-out a major University gym where basketball players practice ? Maybe he could get a practice schedule.

Also, does your son fit in certain vehicles better as a passenger ? Some of those could fit a tall driver better.

I searched “cars for tall people” and got all kinds of hits. Try that.


Pinkwater drives a New Beetle. And I believe he is something like 6’4", which is too short for his weight.

Surely at 6’10" there’s a university with scholarship money for him.

Have a friend who is 6’11" and finds his Dodge Dakota is the most comfortable vehicle for him. IMO, upright seating of SUVs, car or truck based, give you the best potential for overall comfort for taller persons. Even if a lower sedan “fits”, the recline necessary may be quite wearing over time.

I have a New Beetle and it does have a lot of room, however be sure to have your son try it out before committing the $$$

power seats can be raised, offering extraleg room.

I have a colleague whose son is at least 6’ 10" tall. He had a Taurus station wagon that he was able to drive. I think it was the first generation Taurus. About the best you can do is to try different vehicles and see if you can find a fit.

Check out the used full-size luxury cars. They will have the best legroom, headroom, and most comfortable seats. If he hates these type of cars, maybe an SUV. (with a sunroof :stuck_out_tongue: )