Spontaneous engine fire

1985 Nissan 720 Pick Up spontaneously caught fire after it had been parked for three hours. background: had some electrical funniness like the window sometimes not going up. However, it was checked by a mechanic and everything was sound. Five days before this fire happened I had the underside and the engine cleaned at our local car wash. They washed it with a power hose and something a little gentler. We had some problem with the brake fluid hose and the power steering hose and it made a big mess under the engine and around the brakes etc. Also I forgot to put the oil cap on so the engine was also dirty. The mechanic who replaced the hoses said to have it washed as it was too dirty to check for other leaks.

My husband says its my fault because I should have asked him if he wanted the motor cleaned. He would have done it himself. Did the cleaning cause some kind of shortage that caused the fire. People who witnessed the fire said it sounded as though the starter was turning over. It was probably trying to escape LOL. Unfortunately, the truck will going to a salvage yard ;(

The the starter was trying to turn over…then it sounds like there was some electrical short…And since the starter can draw a lot of current…it might have melted a wire that could have caused the problem.

Could washing the engine have caused this?? Yes…Especially if they used a high pressure hose. The vehicle also is 26 years old so it could be something else. At this point you’ll never no.

Thanks, MiKeInNH: True words, we’ll never know. Guess there should be no fingerpointing really. HaHa.

I suppose it could have shorted something out but gee whiz, an 85 Nissan? He should be thanking you and the neighbors too. Now he can go get a newer one. I’m going to go talk to the kid down the street with the beat up truck and see if he’ll have the engine washed.