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Spoiler: Here's a hint for the odd paragraph puzzler

Wednesday evening isn’t too early for oblique puzzler hints, no? I get the answer to so few of these puzzlers, I can’t resist when I finally solve one before the next show reveals the answer. Ok, here goes. Read no further if you don’t want a hint…

Hint: You could figure it out straight-away by using the “Find” function of your browser. That is, if you knew what to “Find”.

Car Talk puzzler’s and the game of golf are pretty similar. By this I mean, if a person wanted to play either game by using an unfair advantage, that is so easy to do, there’d be little point in engaging in the game at all.

But the book you mention: That is indeed another good clue to the solution.

Winner is said to be Linda Williams of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and there are no eees in that name or city, either? Coincidence?

Everyone try the Find function technique? The page lights up with the obvious answer like a Christmas tree. I think a 3 year old who couldn’t even read could point to what is unique about this particular paragraph. Try it, it’s fun.