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Do we still submit puzzler answers in an attempt to win?

So, now that the show is not creating any new episodes, do we still need to submit puzzler answers? It seems that the puzzler answer and winner would be the same as the person the first time the show aired. Let me know!


As a matter of fact, yes. You can submit your answers via the web site, and one winner is still chosen per week. Good luck!

Since the Puzzler is available on the Car Talk website, I’d hope so. BUT: what about the reading of the winner’s name on the show? For a couple of years I’d wondered about this, and I finally remembered to listen for the name and which brother read it. I thought that Ray would do a voice-over when the winner’s name was read, giving the name of the current winner, but I’m pretty sure last week’s winner was named by Tommy, meaning that it was the original winner. It was a woman in Hawaii. So I looked at the name of last week’s winner on the website, and lo and behold, it was a woman in Hawaii! So we have the name of the person who according to the website is the CURRENT winner being read on a YEARS-OLD recording by someone who, unfortunately, is in no position to record a voice-over of the current winner’s name. What’s the explanation? And would this make a great Puzzler or what?