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VW Flat Tire Puzzler

The answer lies in the mud-spattered windshield.

Duly noted.

I trust you mean that in the sense of “ah, I see you’ve figured it out.”

No, I meant that in the sense of, “If I ever happen to hear that puzzler as a re-run, I will bear your explanation in mind”. I did not happen to listen to the program that featured this puzzler.

Many people (OK only myself) need some puzzler context to benifit from these type of posts.If a person did not hear the puzzler he has no idea as to what is going on.

That context is provided in the Puzzler section of this website.

Yes I am sure I can find it,if I care to look,since I don’t care to look,write a few words.

Basket, stop being a troublemaker. Your posts are OFTEN “contentious”. Take it down a notch.