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93 Corolla Speedometer

My speedometer is starting to go out. It works fine when the car is cold and it is cold outside. When the car warms up or if it is hot outside, it is 0 or it flies to 67mph when I get to about 45mph no matter how fast I am going. The odometer works fine. I have read that people have replaced the VSS and it did not fix it.

A neighbor’s mother had a similar year Corolla. Her speedometer just quit registering at all. The VSS was changed to no effect. A recycled speedometer head was obtained from a recycle yard (aka junk yard). Although there were many Corollas in the pick a part yard, there was only one with the speedometer head still available. But it did work and was working when she traded the Corolla.

A speedometer shop might be willing to examine the electronics of the head to see if there is a cold or broken solder connection. But, the repair cost might meet or exceed the cost of a recycled part. It is the same reason no-one is willing to have a VCR repaired.

Good luck on this.