Speedometer + Odometer knocked out of whack by Repairs?

I have a 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle. The check engine light came on, so I brought it in to the dealer, assuming that they’d know how to work on it better than a regular shop.

The service that I was quoted for was for the air intake system. Note that the service that I needed was done the year before on the air intake system, I supposedly needed a new pump. So after dropping over $900 on this service, I got the car back on Friday night. I drove it home, a little over a mile from the dealer, and didn’t notice anything wrong, as it was after work, I was tired, etc.

I didn’t drive it again until Sunday, when I noticed that both the odometer and speedometer weren’t working. I took the car back in on Monday, and get a call a few hours later saying that something in the electrical system was barely hanging on, but they repaired it at $100+ expense.

I asked if it was possible for them to have done this damage to the car, but was told, no, that the air problem was on the other side of the engine. Hello, it is a Beetle, not the largest car in the world.

Is this something they did or just wear and tear that happened to coincide with a nearly $1k bill?

When I read the title, I thought “I bet this is a VW”. They have some of the most convoluted electrical/control systems I know of. And no, I doubt extremely that this was a coincidence, but how to prove it, I don’t know.

Well, I’m just glad I’m justified in my anger about it. What’s even WORSE about the electrical system is the plastic shielding on everything…it has all gotten brittle, which is what I figured happened…someone reached in, knocked something, and my speedo is gone.

The plastics used in the car are horrible, I had to replace the oil dipstick tube!!!

If it weren’t so awesome to drive, I’d be tempted to get rid of it.