Speedometer Needle Pegged

99 Camaro, 5.7L, 148K.

Alternator took a crap and has since been replaced. When the old one failed, the speedometer needle went all the way to the max and has been there ever since. Is there some kind of reset procedure to get the needle back home and operating properly?

Yup. You need to removet he instrument cluster and free the needle. Sorry.

@ the same mountainbike

Is it just a matter of physicaly lifting and moving the needle? Will it automatically find it’s way home?

Perhaps. What you want to do is just free the needle, not to pull it off its post. If while doing this you accidently pull it off, the way to reset it is to plug the instrument cluster in with the front “glass” off, turn the key to ON to energize the movement, and then reinstall the needle at “0”.

Thank you TSM

You’re welcome. Let us know how you make out. We do care.

Hold up do not pull that needle off!! I’ve got a head from an 02 on my desk here and there is no post for the needle to get stuck on. You will ruin it if you pull that needle off.

This is a rare problem but it does happen from time to time. I have run across this a couple times and if your dash pad is bad try a couple of good hard blows to the top of the dash. I know that sounds bogus but it usually works. If not take it apart and just gave the needle a little push and will find it’s way back down.

Sorry to say this is probably not the last time you will see this. It may be a bit erratic from now on. It’s nothing you did wrong it just happens to them.