Fuel gauge

I recently got my car back from a repair shop for a minor accident repair.
While driving home I noticed the fuel needle was below the the pin it rests upon when the engine is off. When I shut the engine off, the needle drops to the six o’clock position. Before taking the car in, I filled the tank so I’m sure the tank is full. When the car is started, the needle goes to the pin but can’t go past it. Any help?

Seems like the “jar” of the accident put the needle in ‘present’ condition. I suppose the trick would be a good dash banger talent without beating the hell out of the dash.

I envision the opposite effect of the collision with a towel wrapped chunk of wood and a hammer…

You can replace the instrument panel or take a very small drill and drill a hole just above the fuel needle and insert a very small wire and try to pull it up just enough to get it to jump the pin. The band the instrument panel might work if you pull the panel out and bump it downwards so the needle is forced down, but I doubt it.

Typically, the only real way to fix this is to pull the assembly, and take it apart. If you’re very careful, you may be able to pull the needle up and over the pin. Don’t remove it from the center and just re-align it and put it back on, because it won’t be lined up right, and will never again show correctly.

Typically this happens from the battery being disconnected/reconnected while the key is on. This can be rectified as Chaissos has stated. Or you can leave it knowing the pointer is 180 degrees off.


Do Not Use A Hammer To Beat Your Dashboard As Binkman Suggests . . . Bad Advice.
I Don’t Think I’d Drill Holes, Either.

Chances are that the gauge went goofy when either the battery was disconnected or run down (shops often leave things turned on or listen to the radio) and not from a collison impact.

I did actually have a chance to look at the one page Chevrolet TSB ( # 03-08-49-015 ) mentioned above. It is pretty close to the description given there.

We’re missing important information.
What model-year is this car ?