Mustang speedometer needle stuck behind stop pin?

My beloved 1994 Mustang V6 (20487 miles)just 5 days ago has decided to have the speedometer needle stuick behind the stop pin. On acceleration it moves to the stop pin and goes no further! Ias it just tired or has it also a case of dementia? How do I fix the problem without having parts left over which is usually the case.I read so many contradictory cures on other forums that I know some responses are not what I would call KOSHER!

Please help!

If it’s truly behind the stop pin, you may be able to take the cluster apart and gently ease it back over the pin. If taking it apart is too difficult, you may be able to drill a small hole in the plastic near it, or melt one with a hot piece of wire (assuming you don’t care about it looking perfect), and use a piece of wire or paperclip to ease it back over the pin.

Just tell people you’re going 180 mph and are truly “burying the needle” :wink:

Or do what Oblivion said.

Before you take anything apart, try a trick that’s been used successfully before on the same problem. Many of the needles are magnetic/metallic. Even if it’s not, some part of the rotating assembly may be (e.g. coil, magnet). So what people have done in the past is to use a strong magnet to coax the needle CCW back into the correct position. Try dragging the needle with the magnet. If that doesn’t respond, simply rotate the magnet about the center of the needle. A rare earth magnet would be best, depending on the distance from the lens to the needle…

–that sounds like a pretty good idea. It’s amazing how strong rare earth magnets are. I have a collection of neodymium magnets I’ve taken from dead computer hard drives. Some are strong enough to hold a paperback book to your fridge.

20487 miles in 16 years? Ooo weee!!! What’s up with that?!

The 20487 should be 204,875 and some very enjoyable miles at that!Mustangs are as good as they get when treated right!

Alright then. I remember the Boss Hoss, although I wasn’t old enough to drive then.

I appreciate the response and the suggestion. I have had some result in using a small magnet I had available. I will try it later today with a more powerful one. Makes sense to me as I exclaim, ‘why did’nt I think of that!’ Thnks!