Speed Sensor Plug On Transmission

I drive a 2003 Eclipse RS and am replacing the clutch. All is going well, however, there is a very stubborn plug, the speed sensor, located atop the transmission housing. Any advice on taking it off without breaking it? I’m broke, so the less i break the better off i am. Thanks in advance.

Persistence. There is a locking tab on the connector, and they are naturally hard to unlock. This is a sensor you do not want coming apart, or getting moisture into. You’ll just need to keep working it gently until it comes apart. Also, some locking tabs need to be pushed down to unlock, others need to be pushed up. You need to observe the action to figure out which way. IF it is dirty, and you cannot see the way to separate it, try spraying some throttle body cleaner on it to clean it up.

As BustedKnuckles noted - it is patience, and figuring out what kind of locking tab it has. I have had the most trouble with the pull-up & off type of retainers. I have found that gentle prying - mostly up and just a little bit out - on the tab with a screwdriver or similar device is an easy way to get steady, firm but gentle pressure - as long as you don’t get impatient it will normally free up and pop right off.