Favorite cartalk CD?

Hi everyone, sorry to post this here, but it seems like the topics are sort of limited in the new discussion board.

Anyhow, I’m going to get my Dad one of the car talk CD sets as a christmas present, and I’m wondering if anyone has favorites of the various sets?

Dad doesn’t listen to the show, so if you think any of the CDs are more, um, ‘accessible’ to first-timers, that would be great!



This can be a trigger to boost the marital dispute your parents might have. Good luck.

I have the Car Talk car song CD entitled Born Not To Run. It includes such hits as…

We Talk About Cars

Me And My Automobile

If She Wasn’t On Blocks

Light Blue Saturn

1000 Dollar Car

Who Taught These Idiots To Drive?


Auto Mechanically Declined


Unfit To Drive

Oh, Great Car

You Dance Like You Drive

Please Old Car

Muscle Car Blues

Everybody Knows My Car

Built To Crash

Faded Red Car

This CD has some very well done songs. I think your dad would enjoy them!