Speaker issues Vauxhall Astra

I have a 2008 Vauxhall’s Astra. It has the 4 door speakers and a central one at the front of the dash. The central one is the only one I’m getting sound from. When I get right down to the door speakers there is noise but it’s very very faint. Balance and fader does nothing. Any suggestions??

Replace the speakers because they are cooked.

To avoid spending more money than you have to, you need to diagnose the problem. If it were mine, I would remove one door panel, disconnect the speaker and hook up either a spare speaker or my oscilloscope to see if it is the speaker vs wiring vs amplifier/radio. A good shop that installs sound systems in cars can do this.

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Not sure if your vehicle has an amplifier in the sound system or not… You need to figure this out because if the Amp fails your speakers would only “whisper” if they made any noise at all.

If you have a door panel off and can interface with the speaker…you can use a 9v or “AA” battery to “pop” the speaker to see if it is still functional…if it tests good, then its your Amp, or the Amp in the stereo itself.

You need to check each speaker with the little battery tester that you need to make…just get a battery and two pieces of wire…one wire to the pos post of batt, one to the neg post… then touch the wires to the speakers pos and neg terminals momentarily… The speaker will “pop” showing you that it is functional.

We dont have the Vauxhall here in the USA, so I am not familiar with its sound system, it may or may not have a factory Amplifier, its rather important to know in this instance.

Or, your antenna wire might be severed? Does the CD player produce sound? I assume when you hit scan, it can find many stations?

Very unlikely all 4 door speakers have gone bad. More likely some connection they all share, which the central one does not, is the problem. Someone who knows car audio can find the problem fairly easily. Please let us know what is found, and good luck.

Thanks. Someone mentioned it could be the amp behind the system? Going to have a look today hopefully.