Car Speakers

I have a 97 Honda Accord and since I purchased the car the front speakers don’t produce sound. Does anyone recommend how I can I repair them or what the problem might be?

May be the speakers or amp. Tough do diagnose over the internet.

You don’t repair car speakers. You replace them. But first you have to determine where the problem lies.

The first thing I would check and the weakest point, is the wiring from the door frame to the door. After that, I would disconnect the wiring or peal back the insulation if it seemed in tact, and test a spare raw speaker to see if a signal was coming from the amp. If it is, the speaker in the door or connection is at fault. If not, then check the wiring to the amp outputs and repeat the test there. You may have to remove some under dash panels and spend some time upside down, but an old Honda is worth it if you want to save money.

Does it have the original radio or an aftermarket radio? Have you pushed on the balance button to pop out the fade control? It controls the power split between the front and back speakers.

Okay thank you

What I’d do first is obtain a known good speaker and connect it in place of an existing speaker. If there’s sound, you know your existing speaker is no good.

As kieth said ;
Step one is to try the knobs. Someone may just have them adusted for the rear.

both at the same time is rare but this car is new to you so we really don’t know that’s true either.

And as others have said ;
Try known good speaker.
Follow the wires. look for unplugged or broken.
For a hidden internal break, ohm test the wire at each end .

Thank You all for your suggestions I will test them out this weekend.

Silly question, but have you verified that the fade control is not set all the way to the back?

You can check if a speaker is working or not with a 9 volt battery.

Connect two wires to the speaker. Connect the end of one wire to the battery. Take the end of the other wire rub it across battery terminal. If static is heard from speaker while rubbing the wire across the battery terminal the speaker is working.