Sparky the pizza guy

Are we mixing up two sources of static electricity when spaky gets a shock from his car?

Tires rolling on pavement definitely create static charge as does dust and just plain air flowing across the car’s surfeces, but static electricity is also created by rubbing pants/shirts on seat covers. I think it is the later which is zapping the pizza guy, not air or rolling friction. So a grounding strap is not the solution, antistatic spray aka saline solution, sprayed on the seats/pants will fix his shocking dilema.

If I ever meet Sparky, I will be sure to inform him of this information.


Am I the only one who feels like he walked in on the middle of a conversation?

Static is static, whether it comes from tires, lightning, or nylon seat covers.
The other kind of electricity is CURRENT, it flows from the electrical outlets when you stick metal knitting needles in the holes.

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That said, static from sliding across the seat can and will generate hefty static charges, depending on the composition of the seats, the pants of the occupant, and of the tires—different rubber compounds can either allow the charge to harmlessly bleed to ground, or insulate from ground so a charge can build up. Static is more noticeable in dry winter weather, where the lack of water vapor in the air allows charges to build up.

There are documented cases of a person fueling a car, getting back in and out of the car, then touching on or near the pump nozzle and causing ignition of fuel vapors from the static charge. Also the reason that you should only fuel a gas can when it is on the ground, to minimize static buildup from the flowing fuel.

It seems to me that all he has to do is touch something grounded while he slides across the seat.

if you listened to car talk saturday then you will know why this discussion was started . . .

I did not listen to the program this past Saturday, and I would venture to say that some other folks who frequent this board also did not have the time to listen. That is why it is better to make it clear why you are posting something, rather than assuming that everyone knows what the intent is.