Electric sparrrk

I have a subaru forester 2010, and now whenever I come out the car, I notice there always is a electric spark,is it dangerous , should I do something about this? Thanks!

Welcome to winter. The only time it’s potentially dangerous is if you get back in the car while fueling it - -which is why you should never do that. Otherwise, it’s just annoying.

I’m with Shadow on this.

If you’d like to reduce the generation of the static charge, you can try a seat cover of a cotton based material. It may or may not help, but it’s affordable and if the static discharge bothers you it may be worth trying.

Anti static spray (car shop or computer shop)

Ya…STATIC…Ever see those rubber straps hanging down off of motor homes? The have wire in them…sending the static in the cabin to ground before it has a chance to build up. You could get a set of those dorky things…curb feelers too…it will get rid of the static, but make you look dorky.

Mention it to the Doctor next time you visit. perhaps a grounding device could be installed.

Curb feelers wouldn’t work in most parking lots or driveways. You know who else uses anti-static straps? Truck drivers. There’s nothing more dorky than worrying about looking dorky. Well, maybe a high-powered Japanese bike, but that’s just something I’ve heard.