Shocking honda

I have a 2007 Honda Element that charges me with so much static electricity I can almost knock people over with contact and the static discharge. Any suggestions?

Does it have Michelin tires? Although I really like Michelins, they are known to produce this effect, probably as a result of their particular type of rubber compounding.

Anyway, regardless of the brand of tire, the only “cure” is to attach a grounding strap to the chassis. This strap, which can be bought from auto parts stores, drags on the pavement and prevents the build-up of a static charge.

Some low-rolling resistance tires use less carbon black, and can’t conduct away static build-up quickly enough. Are you getting shocked as you touch the car, or are you discharging to other people or objects? A grounding strap would certainly help (but you need to check it regularly as it wears fast). You might get into the habit of holding the key firmly on the metal part, and touching it to the car or to a grounded object, depending on where you’re getting shocked. I’m not sure I’d touch it to a gasoline pump, though!

I remember when I broke my leg a few years ago, and borrowed a courtesy wheelchair (manual “drive”) at the mall. It was a very dry winter day, and as I wheeled it into an elevator, someone tried to assist me and got the shock of their life when they touched the chair’s frame! I told them that I have an electrifying personality.