1999 Isuzu Rodeo Spark plug replacement

I recently had my spark plugs replaced by a local mechanic and was amazed when I received the invoice in which they had charged me $28.28 per plug. It is my understanding that they used double platinum plugs but still when I researched the prices they were only between $3 and $8 per plug, even with a reasonable mark-up this price seems out of line. Can someone tell me if I am off base being offended by this price and also, from my research I learned that the car does require platinum plugs but double platinum at that price in a 10 year old SUV. I get the impression that those plugs are only reasonable in high performance vehicles, not old beater cars. I am hoping for some insight before I call the mechanic to ask for an explanation… Please help a girl out!

If it requires platinum plugs, it requires platinum plugs throughout its life. It never “outgrows” the need.

That being said, you are owed an explanation. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when they try to explain that price.

So they charged you about $170 for six spark plugs?! That’s mad, even if they were super-duper quadruple platinum plugs (btw, the multi-electrode plugs are unnecessary on ANY car). I seriously doubt you’re going to get any money back calling and complaining-- maybe they’ll give you discount on the rip-off transmission service they’re trying to sell you!

Go somewhere else already. I’m not to the point where I’d say they’re out-and-out dishonest (though the charging for the pan gasket in the other thread is getting there), but they seem to be extremely expensive. If you want to get charged these kind of prices, you can take this truck to the Honda dealer.

The markup on the plugs seems excessive to me also. Even double I could see, but what is likely a 300-400% markup is a bit muchish.

That being said, I would advise you in the future to ALWAYS ask for an estimate up front. No reputable shop should object to this and while not every car repair is etched in stone due to Murphy’s Law, something like this should be pretty cut and dried.

Was the labor for whatever they did listed separately?

Yes, they charged me 61.33 to replace the plugs. The total for the plug replacement was 231.01. ALSO, on the bill there was a line for “shop supplies” for a total of 39.76. Is that a standard practice when they are charging for all of the kits and lubricants? I cannot imagine what kind of shop supplies would be required other than the kits, oils and filters which are all itemized.

I had the following work completed: plugs replaced, transmission service, oil changed and tires rotated, with tax it came to an astounding $799.02

The whole situation is outrageous!

Yup, 168 for the plugs and 61 for installation. Makes me sick, they charged me $800 to do what I thought would be about 350-400 worth of work on a care that is worth 2k…

yes, live and learn estimates first from now on…