Spark plugs Hyundai sonata

My car blew a spark plug out and when we were replacing them we have found out the one that blew out the hole where the spark plug goes is stripped so the spark plug won’t tighten in there?
Can i drive the car on only 5 cylinders if so how do I do it?

You can get inserts to restore the threads to the engine.

You can rethread the threads or you can use an insert, you mechanic should know all this, this is not an uncommon problem.

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Only if you don’t mind extremely poor operation, chronic Check Engine Lights, and GAS FUMES!!! Before anybody points it out, yeah, you could unplug the injector, but you’re still not going to be happy with the car’s operation. And you’ll never get the CEL to go out. And, if you have to undergo annual inspections, you’ll never again pass.


Time-sert is the way to go

Just out of curiosity. What is the difference between a Timesert and a Helicoil?

What time insert do I buy? For a 2000 Hyundai sonata

Short answer is no and you wouldn’t want to. So just get it fixed.

On my first spark plug change on my 59 Pontiac, I managed to get 7 out of 8 back in. The last one no way could I get it back in again with the tools that I had. So I drove the 4 blocks to the gas station that did work for me to have them put the last plug in. The racket that it made was incredible. Just like having no muffler at all. They heard me coming. Kids learn.

A Time-Sert has a flange at the top of the thread insert.

A Helicoil doesn’t


Go to a parts store and purchase a Save-A-Thread thread repair kit.


Thank you Tester

Driving the car too much with one cylinder misfiring could damage the very expensive to replace cat. Suggest to address the spark plug problem with due speed. If you’ve never done anything like that before, suggest to let a pro do that job. Access can be difficult and if the job is botched it might require installing a new cylinder head. If I had that problem I’d take the car to a well recommended automobile machine shop.