Can i rethread a spark pluck thats been retreaded once already

Im confused cause the mechanics saying you can’t just rethread it again is this true. Thank in advance for any help

It might not work, but if you accept that, you could try and see. Has it had an insert? If not, that may be a more reliable repair.

I’m not sure if it had a insert I was just told it was already rethreaded once and it can’t be done again

My question is?

How does the same spark plug hole keeps getting bunged up?


I recommend installing a time-sert . . . in fact, I recommend it OVER heli-coil

I don’t know It was given to me by my aunt and she told me everything was fine and it just had a tune up. I start driving it and the service engine light came on and I was missing a spark plug. So I think she was taken advantage of by a mechanic And he rethreaded it and didn’t tell her or something

Alright I’ll tell the mechanic

I wouldn’t be too quick to blame the mechanic for a problem like this. You did not mention age or miles but stripped plug threads can be due to any number of things.
The damage could have been done long ago by someone else and there would likely be no way of ever determining who was responsible for it.

Maybe it was damaged at the factory when the car was built. Anything is possible.

This is a question that should be asked at a machine shop. However, if it’s a Ford Explorer, maybe it would be a better use of money to search for a replacement head at a “recycling” center. It’s a common car, so the part should not be too hard to find.

None of us can see the cylinder head in question . . .

But, generally speaking, you don’t need to be a machinist to install a time-sert

That’s true, but when you have a situation where it’s the second time around, it seems like it’s time to bring in someone who the OP might trust to know what they are talking about.

I know this . . .

Time-serts work very well

And some of the the other products don’t, and they blow out

And time-sert is often the product that will work, when other hacks and other products have already failed