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1999 Mercury Grand Marquis - Stripped plug threads

A spark plug came out and the wire head broke off but the spark plug thread stripped I need help will that damage my engine

Not really a DIY fix. An experienced mechanic can deal with stripped plug threads using special tools.

Don’t drive it. You will do more damage if you do. Have it towed to a shop. They will repair the stripped threads and install a new plug.

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I strongly advise that you insist whatever shop works on the car ONLY use Time-Sert . . . that’s a brand name, by the way

If the first shop you contact hasn’t heard of it, or doesn’t have the kit, go to another that’s heard of it and has the kit

That’s the best and longest-lasting repair

Any other repair kit is a big gamble, in my opinion

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I’ve used both Helicoil and Time-sert thread repair kits on stripped spark plug threads.

They both work the same.

It depends on what thread size is needed and which kit has it in my tool box,