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Fix a car

Wat can i do to fix my dads car it is a 94 ford taruas and it blew out a spark again wat could it be

I don’t understand your question.
If the engine blew out a plug, you’ll have to install a helicoil, timesert, or something along those lines.

Could be that it wasn’t put in right in the first place.

I tried to put a new plug and it doesn’t want to screw in

You need a good, independent mechanic at this point. It’s great that you want to fix your dad’s car but there are times when you need to call in an expert.

Its like if the whole on the head is to big or something

This is fairly easy to fix I expect, but will require tools the average driveway-car-fixer won’t have because they are too expensive to justify owning for the few occassions they are needed. As @missileman says, better to take the car to a good inde mechanic or an auto machine shop. They’ll be able to fix your dad’s car up no worries I expect. And I expect the expense – if you used the time you need to fix it yourself, adding in the cost of the tooling and parts you’ll need to purchase or rent, if you used that to instead work overtime on your existing job, you’d come out money ahead.

It is. Your original spark plug threads are no longer there. They are probably still attached to the plug that blew out. You need a mechanic.

Either that or he has the wrong plug. He says the head is too big to go in. It might also be that only the center of the old plug blew out and the threaded portion is still in the hole. Then all he needs is a spark plug socket and breaker bar and very careful attention as to how he loosens the threads.

He said the “whole” (read: hole) on the head is too big. I interpret this to mean that the threads are stripped out.

He needs a shop. He needs a helicoil. He might also need a torque wrench…

Well i got a thread chaser and it goes in but when it goes in the socket wn’t reach it then

please explain “but when it goes in the socket wn’t reach it then”

So in other words, the spark plug can’t be tightened down?

In that case, too many of the threads have been blown out and it’s time for a helicoil.

Take that car to a shop.

" Take that car to a shop. "

I agree. A man’s got to know his limitations. It sounds like this DIY repair guy might be in over his head. You never want to wind up doing some damage that not even a shop can straighten out without major repairs.
There is such thing as going from bad to worse. Might be time to call on a pro.


If I understand the description correctly, a thread chaser won’t help anyway. You need to tap the hole oversize and insert a helicoil.

I would do a Google for “spark plug helicoil insert kits” and go from there.



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