Spark plug removal

2009 civic si with 2.0 engine. Very well may have original spark plugs in it.
My son bought it with about 100k miles in it. Has driven it another 100k. I asked what all he has done to it. Oil changes and brakes is all.
What are the odds the plugs come out without bringing the threads with them. Soaking now in pb blaster.

I can’t tell how likely they are to strip. When I looked, the only mention was having one blow out before the first replacement, around 70K. Well, at least the kid said he hadn’t replaced them before.

A penetrating oil is a great idea. I use anti-seize when I put plugs in and then torque them down. I usually use the factory plugs as replacements, unless there is a need to change.

If they are factory, I’d give them a high chance of coming out without problems, but you wouldn’t know how the former owner may have replaced them.

They will come out fine.I have replaced a few of those without problems.

Honda uses NGK or Denso plugs, likely iridium. The threads are coated so they won’t stick in the engine. I would be shocked if they don’t pop right out.

Thanks for the answers. I’ll see how it goes this evening.

On Nissan they use NGKs as factory parts and they specifically write NOT to use anti-seize compound of any sort, since plugs have a special metal alloy on threads (not even a coating!), which is designed not to stick to the heads.

Prior owner on my car replaced with NGKs, but applied the compound: it resulted in a sticky mess on the threads and hard to remove plugs. I had to clean it up with a self-made “cotton swab” using BBQ skewers and clean threads with a carb cleaner. New plugs came in with virtually no resistance and it was much easier to get a right torque on them in the end.

Thanks. I didn’t know that about the NGKs. I used NGKs for 190K
on my former car, but wasted money one the anti-seize packet.

Well that was about the easiest plug change I’ve ever done. PB blaster for 24 hours and denso oem plugs. Toughest part was the plastic clips that broke.

Told you so!!!

I tend to be a little pessimistic.

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