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Spare TPMS Sensor

With most of my sensors being 8 years old, I bought a new one just in the case that I needed a new one. My car passed inspection a few weeks ago, but 2 of my tires were cracking, good tread, but cracking. When the new tires were mounted, I had the sensor available to the mechanic, but He told me my existing ones were still good. I now have an extra TPMS sensor I will not use this year; please tell me, will this one last 5 years or so without being used?

Thanks for the response

Why not just see if you can return it ? The place you bought it from might have the answer as to how long it will last unused.

It should last a lot longer than the ones in your wheels because it never turns on via the motion of a wheel.

I’d like to do this, but the kid in me ruined all of the packaging, I didn’t pay much for it.

Oh I see, using it turns it on. Thank so much for your help Insightful.

The question was answered, I thank both of you for your helpful information.

We had this discussion a couple weeks ago and could have saved you some money.

Bing, we tried to help the OP back around OCT. 13.

They may be still working today but what about next year? It won’t save you money having the tires broken down later to replace the sensors when they fail.