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Do tpms sensors need replacement? (2016 Honda Odyssey)

do tire pressure monitoring sensors need to be replaced?

Why are you asking ? They usually last 7 to 10 years. And you can do with out them but your warning light will be on all the time. Also they really are a good feature.

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If you’re buying new tires and the shop is telling you that you also need to replace the TPMS sensors, find another tire shop.

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Too soon for a 2016 vehicle . . . unless you used slime or something similar to compensate for nails in the tires

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When do they normally need to be replaced?
After 7 or 8 years

It depends on the vehicle and the environment.

Most OEM TPMS sensors have aluminum valve stems.

These aluminum valve stems can corrode to a point where the valve cap can’t be removed when servicing the valve stem. This can lead to snapping off the valve stem.

This leads to replacing the TPMS sensors with rubber valve stems.


Generally those devices tend to last about 10 years. Battery failure is the usual cause when they stop working. So if you were getting new tires and they hadn’t been replaced in the past 10 years it would probably make sense to replace them at the same time. But on a 2016, unless there are specific reasons to replace them, I wouldn’t. If they later need replacement, not that big of a deal to do it then.