2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class -TPMS

Every now and then my tire light comes on and says there is a missing sensor in a tire.When car is restarted it is gone.

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Those sensors are only good for maybe 10 years ( battery operated ) so any tire shop can put new ones in for you.


I’m not an expert like some of the mechanics here, but from what I have seen, the prices of those TPMS sensors have dropped as the aftermarket began to make them. I’d ask around to the local shops to see if you can find one willing to talk about a solution.

Thanks Goreham i appreciate your response.Will check with my local guy.Bought this in 2013 with 23k and have only put another 20k on.Handling is great.It still looks new and is a head turner,especially with the lift up and then slide back sun roof.It is the only E coupe in W.Mass.By the way I like your wheels.

I paid $148 a few weeks ago to replace one sensor.

You could do a little experimenting. When the message turns on, move the car slightly forward, or slightly backward to rotate the tires in a different orientation. If that makes the warning go away, good chance the transmitter battery in one or more of the sensors are weak. You could discover if it is just one of them by jacking up each wheel one by one and manually rotating the tire.