2011 Chevrolet Equinox - TPMS

Tire sensor goes off. Can be any tire from time to time. Had it to the Chevy dealer and they could not find anything wrong. Reset the sensor and it will be fne for 5-6 weeks and then it happens again.

most batteries in the tire pressure sensors last 5-10 years. you are probably do for new ones…

Sensor battery diagnosis
It’s not always easy to assess the actual condition of a
sensor battery, unless it has already gone bad! When that
happens, the sensor stops transmitting and sets off the
vehicle’s malfunction indicator lamp (MIL). A weakened
battery may be more difficult to determine because the
transmissions could become sporadic. Some TPMS scan
tools have a battery status check, which can help identify
a battery with reduced voltage.

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Are you about due for new tires?

If you are . . . request 4 new sensors to be installed at the same time

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