Spare tire winch

The cable broke and the spare tire of my Chrysler Stow n Go came down.
Can I get the cable only or do I need to buy the winch?
The part number is 5109667AE.

I was told that I had to replace the whole thing. Got it from a salvage yard for $15. Not a hard installation.

Great idea for a salvage yard…if you can’t…
It depends on how it was attached. Detach the broken cable end in the winch if you can from the winch. Check the fitting that may be crimp onto the end. If it’s something you can crimp on to another cable yourself, do it. If not, a marine supply place which deals with SS cables and fittings could help or advise. Sailing supplies people are best sources. Some may even be held in with a Knot of sorts. Therefore, to actually get out of it cheaper, you may have to try the steps I outlined and be prepared to put a little time and running around.

Like @ Dagosa; mentioned. The end of the cable must have something that may have rotted away or fallen off. You can get cable and the ends that crimp on at any hardware store. You just crimp them with a chisel.