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Spare tire removal 2003 grand caravan

Is there a trick to removing spare tire on 2003 grand caravan–looks like a “safety latch” holds nylon “T” from dropping. Cable drops through opening-so it is not holding tire up. Had flat and had a heck of time to get tire to drop–any hints
thank you

When a spare tire in that type of location is not used for an extended period of time, there is a tendency for it to stick to the underside of the chassis. Now that you were able to finally get the spare dislodged, I would suggest that you make it a practice to lower the spare at least a few times per year. When you lower it, you can check/correct the inflation pressure, as well as reduce the tendency for it to stick in place again.

The tire did not "stick to underside-actually droped down about 2 inches until held by “safety” anti drop feature for when cable might break–could spin tire-not stuck. Anti-drop safety feature worked, but too good

Trying this one again. Any help/ideas would be helpful. The flat I had was at 2 AM and I do not relish trying to get this spare off again at night on a sissors jack. As mentioned, the cable was free, the tire dropped down, held by “knob” of nylon “T”

You should be able to drop it a bit, and twist the “T” up through the hole so the tire comes out.

Have you checked the owners manual yet? Changing tires - to includes locations and removal/installation procedures for each part - has been covered in every…single…handbook I’ve ever seen, by every manufacturer. If you can’t find the book, lost the book, never got a book, whatever, go to your nearest dealer and ask for a free demonstration.


Have read the owners manual. --have changed other tires on “older” models similar-but without the “safety” restainer. Know how to remove the “T” from the tire–it is getting it to drop out of centering retainer that I have been having problems with-talked to a “tire store” and the gentleman there said he would brake the safety device and just “trust” the cable to hold the tire up. There must be someone out there who has dealt with this “improved” design.

Reread the last line–“go to dealer and ask for free demo”–been fortunate to work lately so not off during dealer hours; but will try and call/get to one. Only one flat on this van since brought-had checked air pressure.

If the tire dropped but not all the way most likely the winch is need of replacement

Thanks to all who have responded. The winch works–the cable feed all the way out approx 30 inches free I’ll try again-this “T” has a bulbous knob at the car end that engages a "“safety” to keep the tire from dropping on the road in the event the cable might snap while the car is being driven–this is to prevent the spare tire from being a traffic hazard. The safety mechanism is spring loaded-lubed the spring–appeared to work freely-once the tire is back up-the safty keeps its up—Does anyone really know how to disengage safety so that the tire can be dropped down when it is needed.
Thank you for any assistance.

There should only be one cable holding the spare tire, any other device must be an add on security feature.
Ten years ago the dealer I worked at installed a cable and lock on every truck spare tire to prevent them from disappearing. The buyer of the truck didn’t always receive the key so cutting off cables was common, takes about ten seconds with a cut-off wheel.

Again, cable works well-the “culprit” is the car end of the nylon “T”-has enlarged bulb to engage safety mechanism-will try and get a hold of dealer for more info and will post what they say after I get it

On my 99 Voyager the mechanism was rusted. Unwinding the cable using the nut in the passenger compartment is supposed to also unhook the safety catch - rust kept that from all working smoothly.

Look at the safety catch: mine is a notched lever that, when pulled, lets the wheel come loose from the underbody. I attached a piece of electrical wire to it and led the wire down through one of the vent holes in the rim. Pull that wire, the lever moves, and the wheel is then held only by the cable.

Interesting–I had put a lawn mower started rope thru mine for the time being–works some, but not great-figured there had to be some step I was missing-thanks for understanding the problem-take care