Spare tire size

My 2012 Elantra limited did not come with a spare tire and i would like to add one.My car has 17 inch tires but the only size spare i can get is a 15 inch. Is it common for spare tires to be undersized?

you can search junk yards for the rim you need if you want it to match and purchase a tire to match. my daughter had a accent lease. i bought here a black rim on line. i think it came from canada, and then bought a tire. its just a spare until you get the regular tire fixed or replaced.

I assume that the Elantra’s spare tire compartment is located under the floor of the trunk. Because those compartments are almost always VERY limited in size, I strongly suggest that you measure its dimensions in terms of both the diameter and the height.

More than likely, a full-size spare tire will not fit in that compartment, and you will wind up occupying most of this car’s limited trunk space with a spare tire that is not anchored to anything, and because it isn’t anchored it could prove to be annoying–or even dangerous in the event of a collision.


As a follow-on, the spare tire well has to be at least 25 inches diameter to accommodate a full size spare.

The compact spare tire size is shown in section 8 of the owners manual, specifications.

The compact spare tire size should be T125/80D15 for all factory wheel sizes, the diameter of the tire should closely match your tires, the wheel diameter isn’t important.

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Yes, the well in the trunk would not likely hold a full size spare.

The one in my Toyota needs 60psi!! pressure because of its smaller size.

Some of the newer cars o not even have room for a spare!

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You can purchase an entire case of “Slime” for less than the cost of a spare tire and rim.

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Don’t forget to put a very large plastic bag in with your spare tire to keep your trunk clean if you have to put the full-size tire in there.

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Years ago, I knew a guy who bought a new Mercury Sable, after purchase he discovered that it had a temporary spare, and he almost blew a gasket at this discovery. This was a guy who had never changed a tire in his life, and who didn’t even know how to check his oil, but–somehow–for him, this was a major issue.

About 5 years later, I asked him how many times he had experienced a flat tire with his Sable, and his answer was… Ummm… zero…

Exactly. I haven’t had a flat since 2006. if you call AAA for a flat, current policy is that they put a can of slime into the flat, rather than changing the tire.

I had one flat tire in the last 20 years. That is when I found out that the spare tire on the used minivan I had purchaser 3 years earlier did not fit my van. The bolt pattern was right but the center hole was too small.


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$89.00+ $26.00 Ship
New cars now have no flat tires which eliminates the need for a spare.

I have a flat every few years. Until the last one, which a tire full of Slime wouldn’t have fixed, they were on remote dirt roads AAA wouldn’t have sent a truck too. It’s nice to have a real spare and the tools to do the job myself.

I stopped to help a woman with a flat a few years back. She had only parts of a jack (seemed to think that was funny, ‘It’s a girlie jack because it’s a girlie car.’); fortunately I was close to home (I was on my bicycle.), came back with the tools, put on her doughnut spare; it had 8 psi, so I pumped it up to 60.

Slime doesn’t work in my bicycle tires (700c×25 - too small?) and it fouls the adhesive of the patch, ruining the whole thing. I carry spare tubes, patch at home.


Most spare tires are more of a get you home or to the tire shop solution, can be a taller sidewall than the stock size and much narrower, at least that’s Subaru’s version.

Keep believing that. Almost all cars do NOT have run flat tires. It is always better to have a spare and not need one, than to need one and not have one.


That case of “Slime” doesn’t do much good for a blow-out at 3 in the morning.

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… and, many of the folks whose car came from the factory with “run flats” decide to replace them with conventional tires when the tread wears out.

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And where did you get that wrong information ? Also the term is ’ Run Flat Tires '.

I have a 2012 Hyundai Elantra it does not come with run flat tires. It comes with a 12 volt air compressor and slime. I bought a donut spare and jack kit at salvage yard since it didn’t even have a jack or lug wrench. The spare tire area is big enough for a full size tire. If you wanted to use a full size spare you could use any rim as long as it is tire size that may come on that car… Some Mazda rims will also fit on car.

I got a brand new spare and jack from for my Dodge. I doesn’t appear to have ever been used; my assumption is it came from a junked car.

Just put in your model, year, etc., and let the search wizard do the work for you. You don’t have to overthink and figure out the tire size and all that.