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Spare tire

I just purchased a 2007 Elantra from a Nissan dealership and just discovered today that the spare tire in the trunk has a couple of shreds in it. It is still inflated, but I really dont trust the look of it in an emergency. Since I have already signed all the paperwork, am I basically screwed since I didn’t catch this before? If so, how much would a new spare run me? Should I go to a Hyundai dealer or would a reputable tire dealership be good?


If that Nissan dealership is reputable, they will give you another spare tire, gratis. Perhaps not a new one, but you are entitled to a usable, safe spare, at least IMHO.

If they decide to cheap out, just go to a tire dealer–not to the Hyundai dealer.

As VDC said, they should replace it for you, but I would not bet on it. On the other hand most any tyre store should be able to replace it for you for less than the dealer would charge.

And yes, I know I will probably get a scolding from some about how I should have checked this before buying…damn…I thought I had covered all my bases!!! Thanks for the help everyone!

I don’t necessarily think you should have caught this, but your mechanic should have noticed when he or she inspected the vehicle for you before the purchase. You did get it checked out by your mechanic before you bought it, right?

Honestly, while we all like to think we check everything before buying a car, we don’t. And the condition of the spare is lower on the list of things to check than are most items. I’m actually impressed that you caught this now. MOst people would never have causght it.

Used cars are “as-is” in most states. Even a warranty will typically be limited in its coverage. By all means ask them to replace it for free, but don’t feel let down if they don’t. A tire for the spare is too inexpensively obtained to lose any sleep over.

Enjoy your Hyundae.

This is probably a pretty common size donut, right? Try calling an “auto part recycler” or what we used to call junk yard. I’ll bet 99% of wrecked cars have a jim dandy unused spare sitting in the trunk.

If you’ve got one of those inane space-savers, it won’t be too much. Even if it’s a full-size spare (unlikely) it won’t cost more than $100, mounted and balanced.

…and this might give you the opportunity to buy a $40 steel rim and upgrade to a full sized spare if you want to.

That suggestion is fine as long as the OP doesn’t mind taking up most of her trunk space with that full-sized spare!

OP–be sure to take a good look at the well where the spare is stored. I believe you will find that a full-sized spare will not fit in that well.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever actually purchased a new doughnut spare?

A while back I was looking for one to replace a full size spare that was taking up too much room in a car I had bought. The tire dealers in town couldn’t get them and they were absurdly expensive at the dealer. I ended up going the junk yard route and getting one for $5.

If a full size tire/wheel does not fit in the well, where are you supposed to store the flat you just replaced with the spare?

Most Owner’s Manuals have some verbiage to the effect of “be sure to properly secure the flat tire when transporting it in your trunk”. Of course, there is no statement of exactly HOW to secure it.

Trust me–the well in most cars–especially smaller ones like an Elantra–will not accomodate a full-size tire.

I drive a Civic. It has enough space for a full sized spare and it can be secured with the same device used to secure the miniature spare. Does the Elantra have a smaller trunk with less space for the spare than a Civic?