Sourcing parts for a 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser on a budget

Where do you get parts for these – aside from Toyota. I’m not made of money.

Mechanical parts are available literally EVERYwhere. Any auto parts store, internet auto parts, Amazon, even. Use Google or Bing or any search engine to come up with sources. If you are doing your own work, you should know this already.

If you think you can buy repair parts from Bob’s Discount Auto Supply and Beer Emporium and take them to the dealer for installation, you are mistaken. Pretty much the same answer for many independent mechanics, too. And those independent mechanics can work on your FJ for far less cost than a dealer and will guarantee the parts they order and install. They won’t guarantee the parts you bring them.

I am going to get slammed for this but here goes.

What do people think when they pass a AutoZone or O’Rielly’s or Advance Auto parts store ? Why would they not think that a place of any kind that sells auto parts would not have parts or at least to be able to get parts for most anything.