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Source of replacement carbon brushes for blower motor on 1991 Honda Civic DX

This an Nippon Denso electric motor designated (162500-4632, 12 V 12K Japan 24). Brushes are rectangular 5.91mm height X 6.92 mm width but unknown original length. They are not available from Honda.

Have You Tried An Independent Long Established, Family Owned, Local Auto Electrics Store ? I Have One Near Me. If They Don’t Stock What I Need, They’ll Make It Somehow.


Harbor Freight sells replacement brushes for many of their power tools. You find a set that looks pretty close then you use sandpaper and a flat surface to custom fit them…I have saved several old motors this way… You may also have to rework the pigtails to complete the connection…

You check the holes they go into and the brushes are almost as long.

If you have any type of electric repair store around, it does not have to be auto electric, they can help. However these are getting hard to find. There is this place however:

Good luck.

I don’t see the point in replacing brushes only in what is apparently a lowly, worn out blower motor.

You’re still left with worn bushings and a worn commutator.,carcode,1168466,parttype,6916

Although at this point in my life, I would simply buy a replacement motor, I have often done what Caddyman recommends - which is to buy brushes that are close enough, and then filing/sanding them to fit. I takes time, but it’s worked every time.

Try your local Ace hardware store. They carry many types of brushes in their small parts bins. I agree though, if you’ve worn the brushes out, the motor has been around the block a few times and maybe should consider a $35 rebuilt motor instead.

By the time you put all the work into disassembly and replacement, you might as well buy an new blower motor. I’m sure the OEM unit is expensive. What about an aftermarket replacement? Local parts stores might have a suitable replacement at a more attractive price.