Asking for advice

i have a 2000 olds alero 4cy 2.4. the blower motor works but only after i tap the motor gently. the fan switch does work in all positions. if i am driving-- the motor on the blower—occasionally will slow down. a gentle tap on the motor and we go full speed again. i would like some ideas of what is going on? are the brushes hanging up? or is the motor ready to dump me — now that winter has started? i checked a lots of sights for info but found nothing relating to my problem?? i come to the conclusion it is not the resistor- seeing that the fan switch works in all positions.that i got from other sights.i did take off the plastic panel to get a look-- but i don’t know what to look for ---- it still works?? I’ve had back surgery so if i decide i want to try to do it myself it would be a problem— the old gray mare can’t do like he use too??? thanks for any feedback and have a great holiday to all. sam

I believe that you’ve hit on it that the motor brushes are worn out. You can do an online search for replacement brushes. You might find them, or, you might not.

I would just replace the whole blower motor. They cost about $50 max for a GM car. On my Caprice, the motor could be repaced in about 20 minutes!

I think the blower motor is on its way out. I suggest replacing the motor before it stops working altogether.

thanks for the comeback—my mechanic will be hearing from me. what a morning-- the micro wave just quit?? it smelled for a short time. looked at that too. time for a new one. had it a long long time. x-mas came early??? ho!! ho!!!

thanks for the response —look on other reply to see what kind of x-mas came early for me- ho!ho!

Don’t even attempt to fix a microwave! They are very cheap and are now made as throw-away items!

thanks -i will soon. this is always a tough time of the year. you know sending presents to 9 grand children- none living where we live -upstate n.y.-- they live in georgia, florida, and omaha neb. like i said ho! ho!