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Sounds like a small cardboard box of 6-8 metal washers

Someone anyone please help

When I hit those small plastic circles in the road or while in the fast lane those grates for water that dip our car slightly the drivers front but now I think rear sounds like a cardboard box rattling with a few washers in it. Asked the dealer they said evwould rushing fine. I hate the noise and worry about the noise. Anyone please help

What is the noise and how can it be fixed please. Lately been sounding a little bit louder.

I have some boxes of metal washers downstairs. They don’t make a sound.

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The dealer saw the car and said it was OK.

You give a rather vague description, we cannot hear it or see it to give you an opinion.

Check out the ‘Mechanics Files’ tab at the top of this page to find a mechanic in your area. Or ask friends and co workers who they like to go to. Try for a locally owned independent shop, not a chain. Have that shop take a look, they will be able to confirm the dealer or find the problem.

Do you have loose change somewhere in the car?

Than don’t hit the plastic circles or the grates… :slight_smile:

See above.

No change in the car sounds like something’s loose only happens on left side

You or someone else will have to drive the car and identify the source of the noise, there is no way to tell from here. Some mechanics choose not to get involved with rattles, sometimes the car is never quiet enough for the customer. When you take the car in, give some information the the shop as to the type of rattle to look for, interior, under body or suspension (you gave no information here).

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