Sound like a tool box rattling around from the rear of my car, I have a couple questions?

I went over a bump in the road today and now my car sounds like it has a tool box rattling around in the trunk. This is coming from only one side. I didnt have much time to play/look it over, but i am assuming something could be wrong with the suspension in the rear. I pushed on the side of the car some, nothing. I jumped on the truck some and it sure sounds like it is coming from the passenger side shock area.

My question is, is it ok to drive down the highway some ways? I already finished a trip on the highway going about 55 for 5 miles and then a few more on some back roads. Should I be driving this car?

Secondly, bumps really bring out the slam and rattle noise. Some of the turns sound like washers rattling around. Anyone confident in guessing what it is?

Before we go down some blind alleys, knowing the make, model, model year, and odometer mileage of your mystery vehicle would be a big help to us.

Check in the spare tire compartment and see if anything came loose. Also, the small compartments where the Jack and handle is stored.

As @VDCdriver suggests, more info is needed. There are baffles inside the shock that may have broken loose but they make a “handful of loose washers” type noise. The slam-rattle may be that the shock internals, like the actual piston, have fallen loose. You need to have this checked out soon.

If the truck is put on a frame lift with the rear axle hanging, one side will essentially come loose as the shock falls apart. If that doesn’t happen, the mechanic has some investigating to do to find what broke.

“If the truck is put on a frame lift…”

First, the OP states that this is a car, and later he refers to it as a truck.
We REALLY need to know what type of vehicle this is, as well as how old it is.

sorry 1995 buick regal with 160,000

car has been working like a dream, till now. I also dont feel like taking a hub and shock apart in snow conditions. I must go to a shop.

I would like to know if it reasonably safe to drive home in its current condition?

In view of its age, I would suspect that there is enough rust damage at the top shock mount to have caused the shock to become unattached. However, that is just a guess, and I hope that I am wrong as it would not be good news.

I suppose that it is okay to drive–very slowly and carefully, for a few miles–to your mechanic’s shop so that he can put it up on a lift.

I’d say the rear stabilizer bar came loose somewhere. If so, not a big safety problem and easily diagnosed and fixed.

I had a golf ball roll into the spare tire area of my Corolla and it sounded like that. Removing everything from the trunk, including the spare tire and jack, and driving to see if the noise is gone is a good first step. I mean assuming there is nothing obvious when you look under the car.

It’s impossible to say of it’s safe without getting it up on a lift. If something under there has come loose and gets caught up in the rolling stock you could find yourself up a tree. Or worse.
I’d recommend considering it unsafe to drive until you get it diagnosed. Have it towed to a reputable shop.

So, I got a look at it yesterday. The strut poped thru the mount and was banging on the trunk. Not good. Rather than take it on a 30 mile drive I decided to pull into a shop nearby.

Waiting on call back, but he guessed about 400.00 for a strut, bushing, and mount. Coulda been worse and this man is gonna save the family Christmas.

Just want to say thanks to all the good mechanics and users of this site.

Thanks for the update. I assume yours is the rear suspension with the single transverse spring (thus explaining why the rear corner of the car didn’t sag when the strut popped through).