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Sounds just like a french horn!

I’m hearing a noise that sounds just like a french horn just prior to coming to a full stop (appears to be coming from left rear). It occurs intermittently and only when doing a smooth soft stop. My guess is that something is rubbing against the rotor and is being ‘reset’ after making contact…e.g. [At this point, doesn’t occur 2x in a row.] Any ideas from the gurus of car talk much appreciatedstrong text:innocent:

Rear brakes disc or drum?


That’s it? Does this Chevrolet have a model and model-year?

Some problems and/or sounds can be vehicle specific. We don’t even know it is FWD, RWD, AWD, etcetera.
CSA :slight_smile:

My parents had a Ford Galaxy 500. This was years ago. It made a sound like that when applying the brakes. It would come and go, but was for the most part pretty consistently there. It didn’t seem to cause any other problem tho. Maybe just live with it unless it becomes worse or starts to affect the braking. It’s a good idea for safety-sakes to at least pull the wheels & get a visual inspection done of the brake parts. Some contamination from road debris may have gotten stuck on the discs for example. If this happened soon after a new discs were installed, I’d suspect the rust protecting agent on the surface of the new discs wasn’t thoroughly cleaned off before the install.

I didn’t know Ford built the Galaxy 500 years ago! :smile:

Just couldn’t resist, @GeorgeSanJose.

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lol … I’ll correct it above …

I’m trying to imagine that sound…
Is it like the french horn in “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” by The Rolling Stones or more like the one in “After the Gold Rush,” by Neil Young?

My bad. Didn’t describe vehicle. It’s a 2006 Chevy Express 2500 . Four wheel disc brakes.

Does it do it when someone else is driving?

No sir. I’m the only one who drives it and 99% of the time I’m a ‘soft driver’.

That’s pretty consistent with the possibility that you are easing off the brake as the car comes to a stop, to avoid a lurch, and the pads are dragging lightly against the rotors. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing, and it makes for a smoother transition from rolling to stopping, but it can allow some vibration to occur. I asked about other drivers because it’s possible that a different foot on the brake pedal would get a different result. You might try modifying your braking just a bit to see if there’s any change.