Hammering or knocking noise after braking

So, I have a bit of a confusing problem. My car makes a series of about 6 hammering sounds that come from the rear of the car–only after coming to a complete stop. It only happens after I’ve reversed out of a parking spot (not if I go out forward) and it only happens when I’ve come to a complete stop the first time, it doesn’t knock at any other time.

Type of vehicle-what transmission- age of vehicle-

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Sounds like a rear suspension problem, unless it is something inside the car rattling around, like the spare tire or jack.

When you come to a stop going backward, the rear of the car moves downward, and the front moves upward. That’s not the usual pattern as usually you come to a stop moving in the forward direction. So it isn’t that unusual y9ou’d hear a sound then but not going forward. Ask your shop to put the car on a lift and look for loose suspension components, bushings, strut mounts, etc.