Doors locking by themselves

Hi again everyone, when it rains it pours. My mom’s 1993 grand marquis is giving us another problem. Our car has automatic locking doors, so when the car is put in drive the doors lock. For a few times now I have heard the locks click like they are trying to lock but they are already locked. Anyway tonight I heard the noise again so I unlocked the doors and a little ways down the road the doors locked themselves. Two weeks ago our power window broke, the window goes down but make a lot of noise going back up, and it takes pushing the window button up and stopping and starting again to get it to close, I am thinking maybe something is lose in the door with the bad window and may be that is pressing something and causing the door to keep locking. Has anyone heard of this happening before? I hope it’s not electrical

It sounds like the motor/regulator for that window requires replacement.

As far as the door locks acting weird, the problem might be with the GEM.

Common problem with your vintage of Ford.


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