99 Dodge Grand Caravan door lock

The door alarm sounds randomly when driving and the doors lock again. Momentum seems to be a factor, but nothing consistent. Sometimes it will happen when accelerating, and stop when I brake. Other times it will start when I brake, up until the time I stop.

Obviously, it’s a door switch. How do I determine which door.


It could be dirty electrical contacts on the leading edge of the power sliding door and/or on the side of the pillar.

Spray some electrical contact cleaner on the locations and let soak for a few minutes. This cleaner normally evaporates so it will not collect dirt and grime like WD40.

If not the slider then spray the cleaner into the other door activated light plunger type switches. (Press the plunger all the way before spraying so as to allow penetration)

Don’t forget the rear hatch.