Shocks and Struts

Good Morning!

I have a 1995 Chevy Lumina in great shape with 135K miles.

Lately, I occasionally hear noises in the rear…as if something is rattling in the trunk. The trunk is basically empty and secure.

Could I need shocks? Not sure when they were replaced last. I think struts are on the front and shocks on the rear. A auto shop which I’ve done biz with in the past said to bring it in…which I will. Just would like another opinion.

From what I read on the internet…30K is typically the time to replace. I went around the car, to each corner and tried to bounce it…and it only did so 1-2 times.

Any suggestions?



A rattle from the rear does not make the struts the prime suspect. You need to get down and poke everything with a long tool or broomstick – exhaust, brake drums or rotors, strut cartridge, etc, to see if anything seems loose. Also check for loose tools in the trunk’s wheel well. Otherwise a mechanic might remove a forgotten screwdriver and tell you that you need to replace the struts right away.

Sounds to me like an exhaust system rattle or a trunk rattle, i.e.: loose tool. Perhaps your on-board (in the wheel well or between the wheel well cover and inside a fender) lug nut wrench or vehicle jack? How about something loose with the spare tire securing system? Should you find a forgotten tool, just give it to a favorite male friend. He’ll like you for it unless he’s a geek that doesn’t know much about cars. But, then, it’s still the thought that counts, right?

Perfect…thanks so much for the help!!!