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Sorry y'all

Hey people out there I’m sorry if u can’t understand what I write I jus do it to make it short and quik and if I spell things wrong it means I can’t spell to good but I do need help and that was the first time I ever did a compression test so I wasn’t to sure how to read it and puntuation not my strong point that’s why I don’t use it sorry I also don’t know this was English class eaither

Well, help us out a little. What units were you talking about? If the lower limit is 17 (bars?) and your only getting 14, chances are the rings are shot, and you need a re-build.

That’s what I figured

You’re still not providing any valid information that could be used to help you.
In your other post you stated that you have 14 PSI of compression on all cylinders.

This CANNOT be correct as an engine with 14 PSI will not run - period.

Sory dud I v th ansur 4 y u jus hav 2 dcod it roflol

Well my dad just directed me he says it is 185 psi

If you have 185 PSI on all cylinders on a 130k miles engine then you’re in great shape.

Since you have a miss and have replaced the plugs you could consider replacing the plug wires.
The distributor cap could also be removed and checked for 2 things. One is moisture that may be present inside the cap and the other is carbon tracking. Carbon tracking often runs between 2 terminals inside the cap and will look like a a faint, wiggly crack in the plastic.

The best thing to do at this point is to get AutoZone, O’Reillys, Advance Auto, Checkers, etc to scan the car. They will do this for you free and since there should be some codes present this may narrow it down a bit.
If you get any codes post them and we’ll see if we can figure it out. Hope that helps.

I did that today before I went to the Honda dealership and the codes were 300,301,302,303,304 and 1399 I know what 300 to 304 is it’s all four cylinders misfireing I can’t figure out the p1399 code is

As noted in the other post:

P1399 does seem to be a random misfire code - though a somewhat mysterious one as there is little concrete info on it. as noted in the other thread, though - if you do a web search on it you will find talk about it along with talk that it might be related to clogged egr ports. (your other thread said you replaced the egr valve, but did you thoroughly clean the ports to the manifold?)

btw: this is your 3rd thread (that I know of) - if you want people to help you the code info - along with any other info you have all needs to go into the same description. even with all of the information these problems are puzzles - but impossible if you scatter all the pieces in different boxes.

Hey, hey! It’s always English class. A sentence should state one complete thought. After the complete thought there is a period. When you got the thought, use the dot. Then hit the space bar once. That alone will make you as good a word artist as I wish I was. I’m good at English but I can write in a way that can be very hard to understand. If I could tell a decent joke, I would be almost human. If I have a guess about the engine problem, I will add it here in a few minutes. Check those plug wires. Touch them when the engine is running to see if you get a shock. Try not to jump but take your finger away quickly. If you get a shock, turn the engine off and make sure the wire is on correctly. If you can take it off easily, it was on wrong. If you do end up with lousy plug wires, get some that say Whitaker. I don’t know how it is spelled, but it used to be a good brand. At least get the better ones if yours aren’t working.

Written English is your only method of conveying anything over the internet. Making it clear as possible is key to getting your idea’s and thoughts across. It is worth working on and even a minor post can be great practice.

You may want to try using the Firefox web browser. It will underline in red words not in its dictionary and suggest close alternates. It is a great way of learning to improve your spelling.

The funny thing is reading this post above from myself I see errors. English is my second language.


I’m sure that you are a very nice and sincere young man, but you have to come to grips with the fact that you have a communication problem that will limit your success in life. A literacy group used to say that, “Reading is fundamental”. To that, I would add that written communication skills are also fundamental if one is to be employable in today’s ultra-competitive job market.

To say, “I can’t spell good” should be a starting point for learning to spell properly and learning how to punctuate sentences properly. Even if you don’t see the importance of these skills, clearly other people on this board do see the importance of them. And, I can guarantee you that employers consider written communication skills to be important.

If you are currently employed, that is wonderful. However, you should not fall into the trap of thinking that you will never have to look for another job. There are thousands of people in this country who did not pay much attention in high school because they thought that they would get the same “lifetime job” at the local steel mill, or auto assembly plant, or electronics factory that their fathers had enjoyed. Unfortunately, most of those people learned the hard way that these “lifetime jobs” have been sent to other countries, and without decent job skills (including written communication skills), they have experienced severe problems locating a new job.

Most people wind up searching for jobs and filling out job applications multiple times in their lives. If you submit a job application that is “less than literate”, most employers will put that application in The Round File (the one that gets emptied into the trash dumpster). Or, if you have to leave written directions for someone, an inability to communicate properly can cause huge problems for that person–and for you. If you want to write a love note to your new “lady love”, and she discovers that you are only semi-literate, she may lose interest in you.

As Freud said, “Once we identify the problem, then we can deal with it”. You need to deal with your obvious problems in written communication if you want to succeed in life. Use this realization as the motivation to look for literacy classes at your local Adult School or even at the local community college. To continue to acknowledge your communication problems, but not to do anything about these problems would be tragic.

Being unable to communicate properly–in either spoken or in written form–is a handicap, but luckily that handicap can be overcome if you are willing to actually do something about it. In real life, telling people that you “don’t spell good” will not help you to be successful. Dealing with this problem and overcoming it WILL help you!


VDCdriver is right.

Sometimes correcting someone or complaining about her/his writing can come across as elitist. In this case, though, you are trying to communicate with others in a written form. That means you should take the time to try to spell correctly, rather than try to make it short and quick. Being short and quick is hindering your ability to communicate effectively. Take the time to spell as well as you can and you will be forgiven for incidential errors.

If you can’t spell well, try typing your posts in a word processor first and run a spell checker. Then copy and paste the text here. Eventually, your spelling will improve.

Don’t take the lazy way out. Just try to do better and we will be happy to work with you. Show some respect for the people who are trying to help you by communicating as well as you can rather than trying to keep it short and quick.

Oh, and the problem isn’t that you don’t spell good, the problem is that you don’t spell well. If you have the time, check out . it is a list of common English errors. About the words “good” and “well” it says:

You do something well, but a thing is good. The exception is verbs of sensation in phrases such as ?the pie smells good,? or ?I feel good.? Despite the arguments of nigglers (people who criticize a lot), this is standard usage. Saying ?the pie smells well? would imply that the pastry in question had a nose. Similarly, ?I feel well? is also acceptable, especially when discussing health; but it is not the only correct usage.

Just make an effort and there will be no need to apologize.

Wow! All Kidding Aside, This Is A Rough Neighborhood!

I’d hate to be dyslexic or cognitively impaired, or with any type of shortcoming and come in here looking for help. What if English was my newly acquired second language? I have some strengths and some weaknesses like everybody else. Some are more apparent than others.

What if I spent considerable time and effort composing my thougts, doing the best I could to get some help and some people still couldn’t fully understand me? I might be highly intelligent in many areas and possibly very mechanically inclined. I just might not come back.

Nothing personal, but are you guys getting enough fiber?

P.S. I’m sometimes a little short on patience, too. I’m going for a bowl of Shredded Wheat, right now.

Did you know that Jay Leno is dyslexic?

Even dyslexics can learn to read and write. They just need instruction that is catered to their particular type of dyslexia, which is now readily available.

The guy suggested he isn’t making an effort because he wants to be short and quick. He doesn’t need to be perfect as long as he makes an effort. His most recent posts show that he is now making an effort. Maybe our being critical has paid off?

What if I spent considerable time and effort composing my thougts, doing the best I could to get some help and some people still couldn’t fully understand me?

I can’t speak for everyone else, but if you were doing the best you could, I would try to help you. I just have little tolerence for laziness.

They have computer software that will translate text for you. The software isn’t perfect, but it is good enough that the reader can get a basic understanding of what the writer is trying to say.

Whitey, I Have To Laugh! You Are Reminding Me Of The Letter From Mrs. Essex …

… to a different forum.

She was writing to the “Dear Miriam” forum to get advice on matters personal and instead got advice of a different sort. It’s just what’s going on here, but with some of the unsolicited bits of advice “reversed” and with a little more wit. The similarity is almost uncanny!

Click this link: (When it appears you will have to hit the “maximize” button on your PC.)

Thanks for reminding me of this type of well intentioned advice. I laugh every time I read the Dear Miriam letter.

Familiarity really can breed contempt. hahaha!

Folks, good decent folks whose first language is not English are becoming a common demographic in all areas of the country. There are also many out there who struggle with learning disabilities. These people know they’re struggling with English, do their best to learn it even attending ESOL classes and special classes for people with disabilities in their limited off-time, and realize that their struggle with English limits their opportunties. They post here for help with car problems, not with English. I think we have an obligation to help them as much as we can, including help them articulate their problem, without judging their language skills.

I have personally met and spoken with literally hundreds of immigrants accessing ESOL programs. I’ve been involved in literally hundreds of Basic English Skills Test (BEST) assessments. I’ve met people with advanced engineering degrees whose English was no better than the poster’s. I met a highly educated man who was in exile from his country, afraid that of they found him he’d disappear. I even met a man from a South African nation that said if he looked his boss in the eye in his home country he’d have been beaten. Some of these people are struggling with issues we cannot even comprehend.

Reading this thread, most of the answers are written with compassion and attempts to help. It gives me a good feeling seeing that. I’d like to think that of I ended up in another country where the language was new to me the citizenry would show the same level of understanding.

Simply Eloquent!

I wrote something similar, but when I went to post it, it disappeared. Computer skills, (or lack of) is just one of many of my shortcomings and I’ve had this happen more than once while responding. Then I got thinking about Dear Miriam. hahaha

P.S. I did mention ESL guests in a prior post.

TSM, I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I worked in my college’s writing lab, and many of the students I helped were learning English as a second (or even third) language. It’s always nice to see people encouraging people to develop their writing ability, rather than just correcting errors.

It’s pretty easy to tell which posters aren’t very familiar with English compared to those that must have slept through all of their English classes in school. I’m a lot more likely to read (and therefore reply) to a post that’s thoughtfully constructed. If I can tell English isn’t the writer’s native language but a genuine effort was made to convey their point, I can overlook it. Deliberately not caring makes me crazy, though. That’s not a response to this OP - just a general observation from my experiences on all sorts of forums.

I was very pleased to see VDC (and others) stress the importance of writing skills. Many of the other engineering students I went to school with didn’t understand that, and it absolutely made them less marketable to employers. At my engineering firm, writing ability is stressed over just abou all other skills for an entry-level engineer, and its importance only increases as your responsibilities grow.

I’m very happy to see that other people still care about writing well, and it’s nice to see that stressed in a positive way.

Your post was very accurate and compassionate,you explained the problem fully, complete with the consequences, all with out being harsh,my compliments.