Sbc 283

yeah i have a 65 283 thats just been rebuilt and it seems to have a lot of blow back but i havent ran it ofr 5 mins is that normal for a sbc?

Do you meen blow-by? not blow-back. When this type of mistake is made in the post it makes me wonder about the OP’s ability to diagnosis,this is only fair. Was the engine professionaly rebuilt? were any short-cuts taken in the re-build?

well so far i have noticed that it has blow by comming out of the valve covers and it dosent smoke at all

It’s not normal. Oil in the air cleaner housing or what?

well as of right now it was only comming out of the valve cover breathers but other wise it ran fine

i guess the best way i can make sure is to do a compression test right?
or should i run it for a few minutes first?
if i have too ill pull it back apart
anyone have any ideas?

Does it have a PCV or a draft tube?? If PCV, is that part working correctly?

Was the block bored and new pistons installed, or just new rings on the old pistons?

there in no pcv provision on the vlave covers but i also blew apart the little filters that go in the breathers

its a std piston size with new rings and close to std bore

The draft tube should vent from the rear of the engine and point down near the front of the transmission. Hope the hole isn’t plugged. You do have the original intake manifold, I hope.

it is pluged and i believe i know whats wrong two of the sets of rings had a little or than .020 top ring gap but the others were fine they were right on the money but my machinest said since they were cast ring so they should seat fine without any problems

i guess there is a chance ill have to pull it back apart and see whats going on and it dosent make sense though it runs great otherwise

I gather that cylinders were not bored oversize and honed to fit new pistons. So did you hone the cylinders to give the rings something to seat against? Were the pistons renewed? How many miles on the 283 before it was rebuilt.

You will have a lot of blowby until you get the rings to seat. In fact I would not even do a compression check or leak down test until there is 500 to 1000 miles break in miles on this engine.

o yeah today i pulled it back apart and got a new set of chrome-moly rings and it dosent have near as much blowby

and i had to check the ring gaps and i found that the old rings had two that were close to 40 thousands or more

That sounds like a lot of work you have put into that engine. I’m glad you came back with your fix. If there are problems with the engine later, you’ll “call back”, won’t you?

yeah this is the first budget engine ive ever built im used to putting togther forged small and big blocks

and i know how much gap you want to run and such
but im good now it sounds great and i love how that little mouse likes to spin up
im gonna start putting my forged 402 back togther now i just got to get the heads gone through