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Help I got so many problems

I have a 2000 Honda accord all 4 cylinders r miss fireing I changed all four spark plugs did a compression test on all four cylinders and they came up to 14 in all four when they r supposed to be 17 to 22 it also has 130k miles with some performance mods not to serius to the engine so if there’s anybody out there that can help please do

If you really want help from people, you need to write in actual English. Half of the readers are going to skip your post without even attempting to sort out what you’re trying to ask.

All 4 cylinders misfiring? Have you tried checking the fault codes?

I suspect you’re looking in the wrong place. Low compression (and I wonder whether your technique in testing is solid) would not cause misfiring. Can you tell ua about the “not too serious performance mods”? Do you have a CAI system? What else?

CAI systems have been known to cause problems due to the oiling of the filter element.

Start with reading the codes and post what they are, along with a list of your mods.

a compression test on all four cylinders and they came up to 14 in all four when they r supposed to be 17 to 22

“14” what? PSI

Yea, it is a lot easier to read your message and more people will do so if you skip that text messaging jazz.

I am responding to your post to tell you I refuse to respond to your posts until you skip the text messaging lingo,maybe others so inclined to post in text messaging format will get the message,and change to get the help they request.This is not such a extreme requisite.

To understand his question requires close attention to detail and a fair amount of deductive reasoning, the same skills needed to diagnose complex auto problems. Perhaps he wants answers only from those who demonstrate their above-average abilities by wading through his original post. :slight_smile:

When was the last time you inspected/replaced the distributor cap and rotor?

I agree with oldschool. I refuse to even attempt to figure out what is being stated by the OP. Certainly there is no question contained in his/her post, and the statement is cryptic–at best.

Chris, I Don’t Know What 14 Is Either, But …

Take a deep breath. You may not have so many problems.

It sounds like the cylinders are all pretty even on compression. They’re either all O.K. or all dead. I doubt they’re all dead. It’s good that they’re even.

Was this supposed to be a wet or dry test to get 17 to 22?

What did the spark plugs look like? Oily? Sooty? Fouled? Whitish-Grayish?

Were they all about the same?

If this car was running alright right up to the engine light or misfire and didn’t run out of oil or overheat, I wouldn’t panic, yet. Relax and some Honda experts (not me) here might be able to help you.

All fluids have been O.K., right? No overheating, right?

And perhaps he, or she, just won’t take the time to explain things, and doesn’t understand spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

“r” is a letter, not a word. “r” does NOT equal “are.”

“Miss fireing?” Who’s she? Is she single?

I’ve never heard of a compression test with a result of 14. I would ask, “14 what?” Is it 14 psi (I certainly hope not), 14 bar (maybe), or 14 chocolate bars?

Serius is a satellite radio network, not a description of performance mods.

This person has posted similarly vague questions several times recently. I’ve never seen him or her respond after the initial post.

You might also try lnew spark plug wires.

I have no idea what you’re talking about in regards to the compression readings.
14, supposed to be 17-22?

None of those numbers are applicable to an engine that runs at all.
If you mean 140 PSI instead of 14 then those numbers are too low. Time for a wet compression test to find out if the problem is ring related or failure to ever check the valve lash.

The codes are 300,304,301,302,303 and 1399 with the performance mods are msd distributor,msd coil,magnacore wires,cold air intake and full exaust system.

Yes 14psi it’s saposed to be 17 to 22 psi and I can’t spell to good

About 7 months ago when I put the msd distributor on

Well the rings are going or gone cause it burns about 2 qourts of oil a day

I ain’t mean a day a week

The reason I don’t reply asap is because I got other stuff to do besides sitting on the computer all day