Sorento oil leak & rip off repairs

My 2004 sorento was leaking oil. mechanic said valve covers bad. $500. repair did not stop leak. mecchanic said oh, rear main seal leak. another $500. continues to leak… what to do? what else might cause it to continue to leak??

Oil pressure switch

Also, find a new mechanic. This guy is taking you for a ride!

If it’s not dripping on the ground and you don’t have to add more than 1qt every 1000 miles or so then drive on.

You’re getting screwed. Get a new shop.

There are countless reasons (sometimes in combination) that cause an engine to leak oil. Basically, some of the pressure from the explosions in teh cylinders gets past the pistons (called “blowby” and increases pressure in the crankcase, wherein the pool pf oil resides. That pressure also goes up to under the valvecovers via the “return paths” that the oil runs down through after it lubricates the valvetrain. Many cars, perhaps yours, have a “Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PVC) valve” to allow that pressure to be relieved and the crankcase fumes to be drawn back into the engine.

If the PCV valves gets gummed up, the pressure can build too high and force the oil past tired old seals and gaskets. The most common places where this can happen are the valvecover gaskets, the seals at the ends of the crankshaft and the camshaft(s), and the “O-ring” seals on things like the oil pressure gage.

If the “blpwby” is too high due to enine wear, the same thing happens.

The compression should be checked and the PCV valve checked. In ahort, the source of the excess pressure should be determined. If there is none, the actual leak path should be determined. There is a UV sensitive dye that can be added to determine the path. Only then will you know enough to effect a repair…in you then chosse to.

Frankly, I agree with Circuitsmith. An engine can weep a bit of oil forever, as long as the level in the pan iis monitored and the level doesn;t get too low. The only caveat I’d add is that if you have a timing belt and the leak is from the front seal, it should be changed. It’ll destroy the timing belt and maybe the engine (if the belt breaks and the engine is an interference engine…that’s another subject).