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Leaking oil

I drive a 1995 Saab 900s, and it has been leaking oil for years. Lately, it’s been getting worse. I used to put in a quart of oil every few months, then every month, then every week, then every few days. Now I’m almost needing to put in a quart everyday! I don’t want to pay to get it fixed, because I’m getting a new car in November. How long can I go on doing this? Is there something easy or cheap I could do in the mean time, to avoid going broke buying oil? Thanks a lot!!

Do you know where the leak is coming from??

This much oil it sounds like a main seal. Some are easy to replace…some you have to almost disassemble the engine. You should take this to a competent mechanic asap. Find out where the leak is and get it fixed. Besides the cost to you…it’s messing up the environment.

Have you ever replaced the PCV valve?

I agree with Mike that it’s probably a main seal and with Beads that a new PCV valve (about $20) might help. If the PCV valve is stuck it’ll cause elevated crank case pressures that’ll push oil past worn out seals.

How long can you keep going like this? Indefinitely, certainly until November. As long as the pump has an ample pool of oil to draw from it’ll keep the pressurized fluid barriers between the critical surfaces and the engine will keep puttin’ along. Put another way, as long as the oil pump pickup tube is immersed, the lubrication system does not know you’re leakin’.

If you were going to keep the car I’d suggest some work, but in all honesty since you’re getting a new one in November anyway I’d just keep a case of oil on hand. I personally wouldn’t bother to fix it.