Sooooo... i got no clue help plz

hey guys im in need of new brakes, i have no idea the make of these since there a upgrade kit. any knowledge on the make of them would be greatly appreciated, thank you.! edit:its the rear calipers for a 85 corrola gts with a mk1 or 2 supra rear differential and there is a three staggered triangle logo aswell on the top.

You need brake pads and rotors, and make sure the calipers move freely.


Are you asking how to change the pads and rotors? If so, maybe you should reconsider, unless you have a friend to help the first time. Yeah, we’re pals, but you need someone there with you.

no sorry asking if any one can identify these calipers, like what car they came off of or who makes them there not original to my car

If you can’t figure it out, you could try the Google image matching technique. You upload the photo to Google and they search the web to find one that looks like it. Easy to do, and free service. I’ve done it before, but can’t recall exactly how I did it. You should make an enlarged photo of the insignia at the bottom too, and try that.



Believe he’s saying they are aftermarket calipers. And he’s not sure stock replacement pads will fit.

Is that a Mitsubishi symbol stamped on the calipers? What kind of car is this?

i when i bought my car the origia l brakes where removed and in there place these where put? i dont know how to explain further, if it helps i thinkbbnits a mk1 or 2 supra rear

its a 85 corrola, with a mk1 or 2 supra rear and its not mishubishi i don’t think the logo is different

Then you have to start over.

That means installing aftermarket brake components that meet or exceeds the manufacturers specifications.

Until that’s done, you don’t know what you’re working with, or if it was done correctly.


First things first . . .

What car do you have?



model year

are you showing us the front or rear brakes . . . ?

That will hopefully narrow things down, as there may not be that many aftermarket brake kits available for your particular car . . .

i said a mk 1 or 2 supra “rear end” ill edit post

Is a long shot, but maybe you could take the pads off and take them to the auto parts store and compare them to mk1 and Supra stock replacement pads. Although those calipers don’t look like stock replacement calipers that I’ve seen, with the cotter pins hanging on each end. So if they’re aftermarket calipers (not stock replacements)…I’d be lost too.

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my thoughts exacly if no one knew

The more I look at it, the more those look like a stock caliper that someone painted. The cotter pins look like something someone added… So might get a match for the pads at a parts store. Good luck.

the pads look close probably right tyvm

So lets see… you’ve got a 30 year old car with rear brakes of unknown age, unknown origin, unknown quality, and modified by someone of unknown skill.

Reliable brakes are really nice to have when you need them so while you’re doing the pads and rotors, I think I’d spend a few bucks to replace the calipers too with something you know you can depend on.

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So what’s the problem? Take one set of pads and a rotor to an auto parts store and they should be able to find a match. BTW, I can’t tell from the picture just how worn the rotors are. If there is no warpage, and the scratches aren’t too deep, you could probably get away with just replacing the pads. I have done that in the past, and not noticed any performance problems.

You would need the brake parts that belong to whatever rear you installed in the vehicle… Mk1 or 2 Supra… Pretty simple.